Salam Stores (previously known as Salam Studio) has come a long way since it was first established in 1952 in Doha, Qatar. Abdul Salam Abu Issa created Salam Studio, which was purely a photography studio.

Abdul Salam Abu Issa moved to Doha in 1950. He was a passionate professional freelance photographer who covered various events for the Emir (royal family), different clients, friends and family. This sparked the idea to create his studio.

In the early 1960s, Mr. Abu Issa expanded the photography studio to a department store. With Salam’s success in Doha, they decided to open different branches in the gulf region. In the late-1960s, they opened two more branches in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. In the early 1970s, a second and bigger department store opened in Doha. In 1982, Salam Plaza opened near the heart of Doha’s central business district. Salam Plaza consisted of office buildings and a mall.

Salam Studio & Stores (name changed when the department store opened) started off quite small but over the years it expanded with a wide variety of well-known brands from all over the world as well as local designers. The department stores included men’s wear, ladies’ wear, kids’ wear, a supermarket, home & luggage, gifts & fashion jewelry, and of course the photography department.

Mr. Abu Issa passed away in October 1982. His seven children carried on with the family owned business. Today, Salam has seven department stores in Qatar, United Arab Emirates, and Oman. Salam also runs a distribution and wholesale network, which gives it an edge over other department stores in the region.

Since day one, Salam’s customers have discovered how shopping at Salam is a whole different, more luxurious experience than what you would typically expect from any department store. Salam has been a leading cutting-edge chain department store in the Middle East, offering luxury apparel, perfumes & cosmetics, photography, luggage & home, accessories and lifestyle products for women, men and children as well as being very customer service oriented, unlike any other department store in the region.

Most recently, a mall called The Gate opened around the Salam Plaza department store. It contains stand-alone boutiques of a wide variety of brands. Salam stores have always been the leaders in the market of introducing the latest fashion trends in the region. Salam constantly does promotions and sales to keep its customers satisfied. This way, everyone can shop at Salam.


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